How Solar PV Works

Solar (PV) Photovoltaic systems use the sun’s energy to create free, clean, no emissions electricity.

Solar PV systems have become an extremely attractive investment due to the introduction of the government Feed-In Tariff scheme which encourages the use of green energy,  This means that you will be paid for every unit of electricity that your system generates, whether you use it all or export to the National Grid. The scheme means that your roof can now generate clean energy as well as a tax-free income guaranteed by the government for 20 years.

Benefits of Solar PV

Reduced Carbon Emissions: Electricity produced by solar cells is clean and silent, as they only require energy direct from the sun

Make money: Under the terms of the Feed-in-Tariff Scheme you are paid for every unit of electricity you generate (Generation Tariff), even if you use it all. As the cost of Solar PV has come down, the Government has reduced the Tariff rates, but you can still expect a 20 year annual return on investment of around 8-12%.

Save Money: As energy costs keep rising, and energy bills keep going up and up, one of the benefits of PV is reducing your dependence on the big energy companies. As you generate your own electricity you will draw on this free electricity before drawing from the grid. For every unit of your own electricity you use you will be paid the Generation Tariff while saving the 12-14p /unit you would have had to pay to your electricity provider.

• Discrete: Photovoltaic systems are silent and visually unobtrusive. Small-scale solar plants can be as large or small as your roof will allow and recent changes to Planning Legislation means both domestic and commercial PV installations fall under Permitted Development rights with no Planning Permission required.

• Reliable Technology: Solar PV powers nearly every satellite circling the Earth because it operates reliably for long periods of time with virtually no maintenance. Your Solar PV Technology can be expected to last well beyond the 25 year life of the FiT Scheme.

• No Need for Fossil Fuel Stores: Solar energy is a locally available renewable resource. It does not need to be imported from other regions of the country or across the world.

• Works All Year Round: Although more energy can be generated through summer months, energy can be produced all year round because Solar PV works on light, not heat. This means that even on a cloudy winter day you can still get good generation, with the seasonal reductions having more to do with light levels than weather conditions.

• Reduction in Atmospheric Pollutants: A significant reduction in atmospheric pollutants such as sulphur dioxide, which is a large contributor to acid rain.

• Safe Investment: All the modules we source come with a Warranty and a 25 year Performance Guarantee, with Feed-in-Tariff returns also guaranteed for 20 years from installation


So how does it work

1. Solar Panels collect the sun’s energy (the sun does not have to be out for the solar panels to generate electricity) and convert it into direct current (DC) electricity
2. An inverter converts the DC electricity from the panels into the type of electricity we all use at home known as alternating current (AC). The inverter constantly monitors the electricity imported from the national grid and then modifies the DC produced by the solar panels to match the usable energy
3. A single AC wire will run directly to your consumer unit (fuse box) onto a single MCB (miniature circuit breaker). The location of the inverter and wire runs will be determined during the site survey of your property, but they can usually be hidden away in a loft space, cupboard, or garage.
4. You get paid for every kilo watt produced even if you use it or send the kilo watt back into the national grid you get paid extra (Export Tariff)


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